Hi! My name is Alice Moon and I’m looking for love, or something like that.


Let’s face it- dating in Los Angeles is time consuming and disappointing. I sure as hell don’t have the time nor mental bandwidth to swipe on apps just to experience a plethora of awkward dates. 


I haven’t been in a serious relationship in quite some time as I’ve been focused on myself and my career. Now that I’ve got my shit together and am the best version of myself that I’ve ever been, I’m looking for a partner to enjoy my epic life with.


So who am I ?

Well to start, I’m a magical motherfucker. Click here for proof.

I was born and raised in New Orleans so I’ve got that spicy southern charm. I dropped out of high school & never went to college but I’ve accomplished some pretty cool shit despite that (more on that later). 

When I was 20 years old, I posted on Facebook asking if anyone had a room for rent somewhere in the country because I wanted to take a month long vacation. A friend of a friend had a room in Echo Park so 3 days later, I drove to Los Angeles without asking any questions. I’m a risk taker. 

The house was magical AF and felt like it was made for me.. so my one month stay turned into 2 months which led to me getting my own place. 8 years later and I’m still here.

My first job in the city was working as a fairy (told you I’m magical) and I’ve been on a unique and epic journey that has led me to where I am today: I’m the Founder & CEO of my own PR & Creative Consulting Agency.  


I love my job and am a workaholic – work is my number 2 priority in life- myself being the first and my future lover being the 3rd. 

I’ve been a cannabis entrepreneur since moving to Los Angeles & have done a lot of cool shit that I’m proud of. Read about my first company here. Most notably, I launched my own cannabis tech startup called Swallow which was coined the “Yelp of Edibles”. My company was nominated for an award but ultimately, I couldn’t get it out of Beta so I shut it down in December 2017. It’s absolutely my proudest failure. 


My passion for helping others while educating about cannabis has led to me becoming a “personality” in the cannabis industry. I’ve been on Viceland, CNN, and featured in numerous publications. I absolutely love cannabis and everything to do with it, but after years of writing edible reviews, I sadly can’t use cannabis anymore. Read about that here. If you love weed, you’re in luck! I’m the girl who always has some and is ready to share. If you aren’t fascinated by weed, you’ll be disinterested in me because even though I can’t use it, my life revolves around it. 


I’m not sure if I want marriage one day, or even kids, but I do know that right now I want a partner- someone who will love on me, worship me, celebrate my wins with me, and let me do the same to them. I’m ready to give someone some lovin!


More details: 

Where: I live in Echo Park, Los Angeles, with a roomie and my two cats. My cats are snuggle monsters! 

Family: no dad, a sister I barely talk to, but I have the most wonderful mom in the world. She’s my BFF for sure. 

Friends: my friend circle is small but wonderful. A mix of creatives and cannabis/tech entrepreneurs that constantly inspire me. 

Mental health: I severely struggled with depression and anxiety from childhood until a few years ago when I sought professional help. I had some mental struggles this year when I had to quit cannabis but I’m proud of the mental state I’ve worked hard to accomplish. Life isn’t butterflies and rainbows all the time but I am healthy, happy and self aware. 

Favorite color: pink. I obnoxiously wear it almost every day. Be prepared for brightness! 

Favorite first date: Art walk followed by dinner.

Food: I love to eat but I’m definitely the chick who says she’s hungry and doesn’t have a suggestion on what to eat. Be prepared to name out 15 restaurants before one sounds appealing to me. Cook for me and I’ll eat it, unless it’s cow tongue, animal balls or pork (bacon is epic though!)


Alcohol: Growing up in New Orleans made it very easy to drink enough to last a lifetime. Nowadays, I don’t drink, so say hello to your designated driver! 

Fitness: Most people think I work out a lot but the truth is, I’m terribly out of shape and am just #blessed with the body I have.  This is definitely an area of my life that I want to enhance! 


Art: I love it and collect it. I’m a creative at heart. 

Music: Unlike most people in Los Angeles, I’m not a music snob. I like indie music and I get down with New Orleans rap. I’ll listen to anything but country & Christmas music.


Movies: I don’t go see them but I’ll Netflix and chill. 

Speaking of Netflix and chill…

Sex: it’s important. If you’re not self aware of your likes and dislikes in the bedroom, I highly recommend hiring my best friend, The Cannasexual, for coaching sessions.


Who you are:

Passionate, positive and motivated about yourself, your life, and your goals.

(I know that no one is happy all the time- ups and downs are part of life- but if you experience downs, I hope you have the strength to work on yourself. I know that I can only be a support system, not a solution.)

You live in SoCal

Someone with a job. Whether it be a full time job or bunch of side hustles while you work on your goals, I want to date someone who is as driven as I am. 

Funny but not in a “let me go out of my way to try to make you laugh” way. Sarcastic humor is welcomed. 

You don’t have kids

You love weed. Using it isn’t imperative but you must be interested in it as I talk about the happenings of the industry a lot. 

You’re not allergic to cats.

You’re a romantic. Or you’re willing to discover how to be one. I love flowers and chocolate and sweetness but at the same time, it needs to be genuine. I love to be spoiled but I don’t want to feel like someone is trying to buy my affection. Find that balance!

You’re selfish and selfless. Putting yourself first is important and encouraged, as long as I’m not disrespected in the process. Being selfless is also important- sharing kindness with others pays off tenfold. 

You’re open minded. Let’s share some new experiences. 

You’re honest. Lying gets no one anywhere.

 You’re any race, height, or weight. I’m attracted to the mind, not the face. I get turned on by good conversation. Talk nerdy to me.

You don’t send me selfies unless I ask for them. Male selfies are the worst. Why? Because I’m attracted to people’s minds first, which then leads me to physical attraction. Sending me a picture of yourself without me asking is the equivalent of you sending me a picture of a wall. Says the girl who posts selfies frequently. 


Need more convincing that I’m epic? Read some recommendations from friends:

“Alice is one of the most kind and supportive friends I’ve ever had, she will be your cheerleader, your partner in crime, and will push you to be your best. She is fun and smart and will always give it to you straight, she’s a gem. Date her.” – Jennifer Korsen, Artist, Best Friend 

“I think everyone will say Alice is kind and sweet and all of that, but she’s also honest which is very hard to come by in anyone. As a friend, she isn’t afraid to be straight up and I feel that is important in any relationship.” Sam Zartoshty, Entrepreneur, Award Show Co-Host

“Alice was and probably always will be the best sex I ever had.” – Most Recent Ex-Boyfriend (name withheld to not piss off any of his future girlfriends)

So, you made it this far. Think we’d make a good match? Fill out the form below!